“Every orange has juice inside of it; however, that juice can only be seen, tasted and experienced once the orange has been squeezed in the right places”

Through Sotonye’s seminars, workshops and talks, she has been successful in teaching people simple and proven strategies to help release their ‘juice’ and unlock their hidden potential


Sotonye is a highly sought after motivational speaker, who travels the country inspiring young and old alike. Her passion for personal development coupled with her skilful presentations and unique style of delivery sets her apart as one of the leading communicators of our day.


She delivers powerful messages on EFFECTIVE goal setting, overcoming the ‘EXCUSES’ Disease, Business Development and career development at educational institutes, business seminars, community organisations, women’s conferences and youth conferences across the country. Sotonye has spoken to thousands of people on how to become successful and achieve their goals, spreading her mantra ‘No More Excuses, Everything Is Possible’. Fuelled by the understanding that change must first take place in the mind, her motivational seminars focus on bringing to surface internal factors that if not dealt with immediately will stunt growth and potential


Sotonye is a living example of someone who has learnt to deal with low self esteem while setting up her own BUSINESS and openly shares her experience and knowledge with her audience, letting them know the secret to her success lies in having the Right Mindset, the Right Attitude and the Right Belief System.


Do YOU want to learn proven strategies to help YOU to:


  • Develop a positive mindset and attitude to life

  • Cultivate multiple habits for success and growth

  • Go from always making excuses to being a solution thinker

  • Defeat fear, low self esteem and lack of confidence

  • Take your career, personal or business goals to the next level instantly

  • Deal with obstacles from your past and present and turn them into stepping stones

  • Become a confident speaker and networker

  • Do the things you have always dreamed of doing


Are you sick and tired of being frustrated with life?

Are you ready to face life head on?


Then book award Winning, International, Motivational Speaker Sotonye Deru, as a guest speaker for your next Event 


“Sotonye is an amazing motivational speaker, she is excellent. When I first went to an event at London South Bank University where she had spoken, she was the highlight of the evening. Most of the young people rushed to get her details at the end while networking. She is truly amazing and has definitely made a change in my life.”  

Amanda Brissett, London Metropolitan University undergraduate

“The youth department at Bethesda Ministries, UK would like to show their appreciation and thanks to Sotonye Deru.  The workshop was inspiring, fun and most importantly, relevant!  The young people were motivated and challenged to be the best that they could be. Many thanks again for sharing your personal experience, your skills and your valuable knowledge. Your time with Bethesda’s youth will most definitely not be forgotten”!

Pastor Dionne Lamont, Bethesda Ministries, UK