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Excuses is a bad influence on you

Why I stopped making excuses by not even entertaining him

How to Eradicate your Excuses

(Audio Below) Something that people choose to allow when hey don’t want to do something, because if they did, they would be looking for reasons and not excuses

You see excuses is the thing that tells you can’t do something and stops you from seeing that actually its possible

I remember when I planned my worksop 4 months after giving birth, people would have said you are mad, just sit down, but for me, my purpose was greater than my need for convenience

InConvenience is temporary , but you don’t see it as inconvenience because the focus is never on what you are giving up but what you will be gaining and achieving

Your perspection on the actions needed to achieve your goals will determine if you do them to not. If I had told myself that I was giving up buying myself pretty clothes when I was writing my first book, I would have struggled, but instead I told myself that I was impacting lives and changing the destiny of young people. My purpose was greater than my inconvenient and my inconvenience now had a purpose because it was needed to get me to where I needed to go

We find excuses when we don’t focus on the end result

Excuses is like that friend who says don’t go to the library, come and hang out with me, they are stopping from doing the thing you want to do - they are a bad influence on you

Excuses is that friend that will say anything to stop you from being in pain - you are going gym and you are comparing - excuses will say, your fine as you are, just leave it, or they can see that you have worked hard all day and you need to stay awake, they will say, you have worked hard, just leave it. Excuses will never allow you to inconvenience yourself. Thats not a good friend at all.

Brian tracy quotes in his book - many few people start off with great advantages, that right there will let you know that the majority of people who are achieving their goals today, who are successful, weren’t born that way.

Your brain has both a success mechanism and a failure mechanism, the failure mechanism is the temptation to follow the undisciplined path of least resistance , to do what is fun and easy rather than what is hard and necessary. Your failure mechanism operates automatically throughout your life, which is the major reason why most people fail to fulfil their individual potential. When you decide on a. Goal and to do something, it will pride your failure mechanism and kick in your success mechanism

People seek shortcuts to everything

Stop ending your sentences with I would like to but…………..(that but right there will get your foes celebrating) so instead say I would like to and I’m going to ……….. (3 things happen when you say this

I’m - you take responsibility Going - means action - your mind is already activating your success mechanism To - To indicates that whatever follows is going to be positive

So you don’t allow yourself to think why not, but you start to think yes, I need to

We need to give ourselves more credit, we are stronger and more powerful then we know

Enemy of progress

Friends of destiny

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