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Hello and welcome to episode 00, the about me episode where I tell you everything you can expect from listening to The no More Excusss sHOW, SO FIRST OF ALL WHY ARE YOU here AND WHAT do you want to get

Some of you are listening right now because you desperately want change, you are sick and tired of waking up everyday and either wanting more money, more time or more love but you are stuck. You are great at dreaming but struggle to reach your goals. Maybe you are here right now because you are in a job that you hate, you are scared to apply for a higher position becos you don’t believe you are good enough, or perhaps you have wanted to get rid of that baby weight, you can’t fit into clothes you actually like, but your just not motivated enough to exercise, or possibly you are here because you desperately want to buy your own home, you know the area you want to live in but saving for a deposit seems impossible or could it be that you want to start your very own business, the ideas are flowing but because you are afraid of failure you don’t step out. You are here because you simply have a goal, but your excuses keep holding you back

Imagine if you could be happier and earning more income from your work, imagine if you could get back into that dress you wore 5 years ago, imagine if you started that business and within a year you had won an award, imagine waking up everyday in a home that you own

If you want to close this gap and get from feeling frustrated, lacking motivation and failing at life to living a life of fulfilment, freedom and purpose then you need a different strategy to get you there as the old one isn’t working

Well don’t you worry, the no more excuses show is here to help you take back control of your life by showing you how to clearly define and map out your goals, maximise your potential, eradicate your excuses and become a Goal Executor!

I truly believe we were were born to be great, and that behind every great fear is the person you want to become.

Let me take you back on my journey ten years ago when I was sitting at the very last row, at the back of my church. My hands were shaking, my palms were sweating, and my eyes kept on looking towards the exit sign! Sotonye if you leave now, no one will know, you can just say you wee sick and had to go home. These were the thoughts running through my head, I was scared, I was nervous. Was I really going to do this? Really, then I heard the words I was dreading, they came to soon, I wasn’t ready “and now we would like to welcome up sister Sotonye to the stage”, I froze, looking at the exit sign one last time and avoiding eye contact with all the faces that were now looking at me. Sotonye you are up, you will be fine, said Natalie, as she squeezed my hand. I slowly got up and walked to the stage hesitantly. My heart was pounding, I asked myself one last time, Sotonye are you really going to do this? For years I had been saying no when people had asked me to talk at their Events. I knew I had the skill but I lacked the confidence, I kept on telling myself I wasn’t good enough even though deep down I had a burning desire to be a speaker. I climbed the steps to the stage, placed my notes on the podium, raised my shaky hands to the mic and looked forward. Sotonye, no more excuses, it’s time, “Good afternoon church”

And just like that, I had conquered my fear and pushed past my negative beliefs that had been holding me back from so many amazing opportunities. Fast forward to today, I am now a highly sought after international motivational speaker, Award winning Entrepreneur, Author and Goal Execution Coach. Having gone through my own personal transformations, achieving great success, winning awards and being featured in several publications and on tv, I have mastered the art of effective goal execution and turning my dreams into reality.

Over the years my proven strategies have helped many individuals to Get more done in less time, Take the bold step of starting their own business, Complete outstanding projects, Rid themselves of detrimental thinking, build their self esteem and confidence, write their first very books, Develop additional streams of income, Identify chosen career paths and simply live a life that they desire and deserve

I am committed to helping Individuals take action they have never taken before to get results they have never had and it starts now.

The nO More Excuses show is for those who are ambitious, determined and want to achieve everything that is possible for them in life. For people who are hungry to do more, have more and be more than they have been before. not for those who are happy feeling stuck, who are not committed to making changes and want others to fix their lives for them.

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