Some people dream of success. Sotonye makes it happen. No More Excuses..

A lack of accountability continues to be one of the main reasons why many people today fail to achieve their goals. Studies have proven that those who have an ‘Accountability coach’ are better positioned to clearly define their goals, map out their journey, take immediate action and therefore achieve their desired results.

Sotonye has been able to help hundreds of people, young and old alike, to take action and to set, focus and achieve business and personal goals through her Accountability Coaching Practice, Helping individuals to take action through agreed, realistic and time framed goals.


Sotonye can help you TODAY to turn your desires, dreams, goals and intentions into tangible results by being that voice of encouragement and much needed prompt.


After one (1) month of Coaching with Sotonye you will see the change you’ve been looking for!!!


Through the power of taking ACTION through ACCOUNTABILITY, Sotonye will work with you to:

·       Create a more disciplined and rewarding lifestyle

·       Get more done in less time

·       Set out your goals and a strategic plan of action

·       Take the bold step of starting your own businesses

·       Complete outstanding projects

·       Rid yourself of detrimental thinking and build self esteem and confidence

·       Become published authors

·       Develop additional streams of income

·       Identify your chosen career path and purpose


 “Everybody has a dream, but the difference between dreamers and achievers is ACTION”


Who needs an accountability coach? Do you:

  • Fall prey to distractions, excuses and a lack of commitment

  • Jump from one idea to another without starting or finishing

  • Set the same goals every year and never achieve them

  • Have a burning desire to start your own business but do not know where to start

  • Desire to be financially free but afraid to take action

  • Need to stop procrastinating and accelerate your desired results

  • Have a desire to become a published author but do not know how to start


Then Accountability Coaching is for you!! 


Success is predicated upon having a plan and sticking to it, and as an Accountability Coach and Business Start Up Coach, Sotonye has successfully enabled many Entrepreneurs, Writers and Individuals to achieve Personal, Business and Career success quickly and effectively with her direct, pragmatic and action orientated coaching


Sotonye will not only help you to set effective goals, map out realistic time frames, develop techniques for staying focused and motivated and redirect your efforts should you fail to honour your commitments, but she will also share her own personal experiences, resources, contacts and network with you to accelerate your journey.



Your Accountability Coaching sessions will involve looking at all 8 areas of your life in detail i.e. Finance, Relationships, Career/Business, Family, health and honestly discussing how happy, satisfied or unfulfilled you really are. From there Sotonye will then go on to set S.M.A.R.T goals to move you up the ladder of satisfaction in the most unfulfilled areas of your life, while developing strategies on how to maintain fulfilment in the stronger areas......



‘Business Start Up’ Bootcamp is perfect for those who specifically want to be coached on starting their very own business or who have already started trading but need coaching to get the business to the next level. Sotonye started her first business in 2008 and since then has established three (3) others, with a great network and pool of resources........ 

 “Sotonye's genuine passion and ardent desire to see you succeed is something I can't describe in words. Her enthusiasm, attention to detail and resourcefulness are second to none. Before starting my sessions with Sotonye, I had a lot of dreams, a lot of ideas, things I wanted to do but was scared to do, whether it be out of fear of failure, doubting myself or allowing my circumstances dictate my actions. After sessions with Sotonye I’ve really regained focus through targeted and specific goals that we’ve set together with effective follow-ups and I’m amazed at what I’ve been able to achieve in such a short time! I’ve been able to kick-start my exercise regime, create more balance in my life and make tangible steps towards my dream of studying my masters in America! Get involved! You will NOT regret it!” 

Pearl Boateng - Maths Teacher 


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