After reading No More Excuses I was inspired to do better. It's not just a feel good book, its real life people giving an account of their trials, pit-falls, good times, hard work and dedication. Basically every building block you will ever need to help navigate your way through life.

Michael Adeyinka

I’m truly thankful for the coaching experience I’ve had with Sotonye. I’ve learnt so much from this amazing young lady. She’s been more than just a business coach; she’s been a mentor, an advisor, and a great friend. I don’t think I would have been able to achieve all that I’ve achieved so far without this experience. Even after my coaching sessions were over, Sotonye has continued to be a great motivation, encouragement and support to me in everything I do.  If I had to describe my coaching experience with Sotonye in one word, the most be-fitting word I can think of is catalyst! 

Amina Habeeb - Entrepreneur, Presenter & Personal Shopper

Sotonye Deru is the proud Author of three amazing books, "No More Excuses", "Colour To Success", and "No More Excuses Coaching Manual"; Founder of SD Events Management, SD Publishers Ltd, SD Weddings MGT and SD Community Developments; Sotonye has truly brought her mantra to life that ‘All things are impossible’; Winner of the 'Young Black Business and Enterprise personality of 2009'; Dream Award in 2009', Alive Magazine Woman of the year in 2010; Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2013; finalist for ‘Wise Woman Awards 2011’, ‘Woman For Africa Awards 2012’’ and Nubaa Awards 2013 has been some of Sotonye’s proudest moments.


As a mark of her success and the great impact she is making in peoples lives, Sotonye has been featured in several publications such as Waltham Forest Guardian, Ethno News, The Voice, Ninetynine magazine and Keep the Faith to name a few. She has also made appearances and given interviews on TV and Radio shows including BBC1 Oxford, The Sherry Dixon Show, Wise Talk with Tola, Premier Radio, The Action Jackson Show, Revelation TV, BEN TV and BBC radio.


Sotonye is a sought after, well renowned Motivational Speaker, key Note Speaker and Accountability Coach who coaches, consults, mentors and teaches individuals in personal achievement, confidence building, overcoming fear, spiritual matters, business start up and career advancement. She has spoken at the Home Office, community organisations, business seminars, schools, colleges and Universities all around London since 2008.

Sotonye is the founder of SD Events Management, organising and hosting events aimed at business development, career options and personal development. These extremely popular events have positively impacted the lives of all the people who attend by equipping them with the knowledge, skills and strategies that they need to be able to succeed in their chosen path; enabling the attendees to generate business plans, acquire mentors, achieve application and interview success, secure internships and even secure employment in their chosen field.


Sotonye’s first book, No More Excuses is a motivational book for young people, featuring the inspirational real life stories of sixteen African-Caribbean achievers in different sectors. No More Excuses features contributions from both well-known successes including Dragon’s Den’s Levi Roots and TV Broadcaster Brenda Emmanus, to less visible but equally important high achievers in the fields of interior design, retail, property investment, and much more.


Sotonye’s second book 'Colour to Success' is a phenomenal activity book that will inspire, teach and excite your child aged 3-7 years old. This book contains pictures with positive quotes, fun activities around your child’s dream future job and maths and English exercises.

Her most recent book, "No More Excuses Coaching Manual” was written and published within 21 days, her biggest challenge to date; an interactive workbook with proven strategies for Achieving your Goals, Developing Positive Relations and becoming Debt Free.


Sotonye is a testament to what can be achieved when you believe in yourself and have faith. She left secondary school with the second highest GCSE grades in her year and then in 2007 graduated in Law from Queen Mary’s University, after narrowly missing out on a place at Oxford. However, despite being academically brilliant and well on the path to becoming a lawyer, Sotonye’s heartbeat has always been for young people and the development of individuals.


Despite all her accolades, for Sotonye success is helping others to know where to squeeze to bring forth their Juice, namely - their hidden potential. Sotonye is available to speak at your events, business seminars and functions.


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I first heard Sotonye speak at my university and it was so inspiring to hear, her journey from University till now as she shared everything she has achieved. I can still remember the key things that she shared off the top of my head because the techniques that she uses, is so easy to grasp and it is so relevant to your situation and she shares the actions that need to be taken to achieve the goal. She is so engaging and fun to listen to and she is willing to give everything she has learned to ensure other peoples success with no reservation. Subsequently, I have attended several events that Sotonye has run and I have literally been infected with the ideas and tools needed to start my small business which I will be launching this year. Her tools are not complicated but are still extremely effective therefore you can still get the right results. Learning from Sotonye, has really set my foundation on knowing what to do for whatever career path I want to take and I am very grateful for her time, knowledge, effort and resources.

Maragert Oladimeji - Project Manager & Entrepreneur